"The people must come together now to stop this nightmare."

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7-26-10 - The Capitalist Oil Catastrophe Is NOT Over People Must Act to Stop It
By Larry Everest

The banner headline in the July 16 New Orleans Times-Picayune blared in big bold letters, "OIL FLOW HALTED." The day before, British Petroleum (BP) had, for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon well exploded on April 20, apparently stopped the flow of crude oil and methane gushing into—and poisoning—the Gulf of Mexico.

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7-26-10 - Drilling risk is not worth it
Letter to Times-Picayune

I appreciate the short history on the recovery of the brown pelican by Sheila Stroup; it was informative and shows just what is at risk -- including our successes that have given us back our lost environment and heritage.

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7-19-10 - New Study Demonstrates Severity of Moratorium Impact
By Fergus Hodgson, Pelican Institute for Public Policy

On Monday in New Orleans, Dr. Joseph Mason of Louisiana State University presented a sobering assessment of the economic impact of a six-month drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. His report, commissioned by the American Energy Alliance (AEA), forecasts that over the coming year the moratorium would result in Gulf states losing 8,000 jobs, $500 million worth of wages, and economic activity would contract by $2.1 billion.

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7-4-10 - Emergency Committee Builds Battle to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster 
From Revolution newspaper

Saturday, June 19: Day 55 of the capitalist oil disaster that is spewing a volcano of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, spreading destruction from the marshy wetlands of Louisiana to the white sand beaches of Mississippi and Florida; from deep in the ocean to its surface, toxic plumes feathering and spiraling throughout the Gulf’s channels and currents.

June 19:  The day that 100 people came together in New Orleans to develop plans to initiate resistance to stop this disaster.

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7-3-10 - Video of Lafayette Square Park Protest
From C-Span

C-Span interviews four people at a protest against BP at Lafayette Square Park including Larry Everest, writer for Revolution and member of The Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster.

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By Matthew Cardinale, News Editor, The Atlanta Progressive News

NEW ORLEANS, Jun 30, 2010 (IPS) - With the U.S .government and oil giant British Petroleum under fire for their handling of the more than two-month-old Gulf Coast oil spill disaster, environmental and community activists across the country are taking matters into their own hands.
In New Orleans, a Gulf Emergency Summit was held to design a grassroots response to the crisis on Jun. 19, resulting in the launch of the "Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Catastrophe".

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6-29-10 - Biden visits Gulf Coast
From United Press International
President Joe Biden was in the Gulf of Mexico region Tuesday to see first-hand the cleanup and recovery efforts of the BP oil spill.

Biden's itinerary included New Orleans and Pensacola, Fla., to survey response efforts, visit residents affected by the spill and meet with area officials, the White House said.

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6-29-10 - Vice President Joe Biden meets New Orleans seafood dealers
By Paul Rioux from The Times-Picayune

Vice President Joe Biden is now on his way to visit an eastern New Orleans seafood wholesaler as part of his visit to the oil-stained Gulf coast.

Biden's visit to Pomes Seafood comes after a meeting and tour of the unified command center in downtown New Orleans earlier this morning where the vice president was briefed on the daily workings of those trying to contain the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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6-25-10 - Don't Cry over Spilled...Oil! Do something about it!
By Melissa M. from Annarbor.com

“It’s death versus life – and we want life.” This was just one of the dozens of comments spurred during a workshop at the United States Social Forum in Detroit on Friday. The intent of the forum itself was a week-long event to bring together like-minded people to network and discuss solutions to some of the greatest social, economical, racial, environmental and fundamental problems of our time. Justifiably, the particular workshop I attended that day addressed the Gulf oil spill.

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6-23-10 - America Can't Solve Crises Because It's a Company-Owned Town
By Glen Ford from the Black Agenda Report
The Great Gusher in the Gulf is a political, not simply an economic and environmental, crisis. “No amount of public disgust at BP has moved Obama to behave as if he is beholden to the majority that elected him – for the simple reason that he is not.”

“The overlapping American mega-crises of Katrina, the Crash of 2008, the Great Gusher in the Gulf are 'both the products and the illuminators of the wholly corrupt relationship' between Capital and government.”

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6-23-10 - Landrieu, BP, U.S. Coast Guard Face Angry Crowd At “Oil Spill Response Open House
By Matt Davis from blogofneworleans.com

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard and BP faced questions from angry members of the crowd this evening at an “oil spill response open house” at the Pavillion of Two Sisters in the Botanical Gardens of City Park.

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6-21-10 - Oil spill update from the field: Protesters invade Deepwater Horizon command center
By Justin Nobel from Audubon Magazine

New Orleans, Louisiana, June 22
The protest begins at noon, beneath a black skyscraper. “Stop spilling! Stop drilling! Stop killing our planet!” cries a woman in a scarlet sunhat. A group of about a dozen people wave handmade posters and a man with dreadlocks films. On the shoulder of one female protester, where a pet parakeet might perch, rest two dolphin stuffed animals. The woman wears a sarong decorated with dolphins that appear to be levitating and she has a dolphin ring, a dolphin necklace and two dolphin tattoos, one on her ankle and the other on her chest.

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6-21-10 - Creepy Seeps And Other Real Monsters From The Deep: Full Disclosure Frightening
From Before It's News

The Gulf Emergency Summit, which brings together a group of scientists, environmental experts, political activists, and ordinary citizens to urge the U.S. government and BP to relinquish control over the oil spill catastrophe, convened today at the Deepwater Horizon Unified Response Command Center in New Orleans for a protest.

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6/16/10 - Obama Embraces Clean Energy, Pledges to Make BP Pay

WASHINGTON, DC, June 16, 2010 (ENS) - In a speech from the Oval Office Tuesday night, President Barack Obama stressed that the federal government is in control of the response to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and that the responsible party, BP, will do as the government directs the company to do. "We will make BP pay for the damage their company has caused," he vowed yet again.

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