"The people must come together now to stop this nightmare."

100 Days of Outrage!

Here we'll be posting updates of actions planned around the world. We'll be putting up PSA's and messages from people taking part in the 100 Days actions. We'll have up the flier and call for the day and we'll be adding web promotional materials.

Come to this page to get a sense of whats developing with the "100 Days of Outrage" and to get what you need to plan your event, get plugged in, and make this go viral!

Send us your plan of action and we will post info about your event on the 100 days webpage on our site.

Take pictures on that day and send them to us, with a brief report if possible. Email us: stopgulfoildisaster@gmail.com

Also, be sure to download the call to action for the 100 Days of Outrage (below) so you can get a real sense of that this day of action is out to do and see some ideas for what you can do in your area. After reading it you can use it to build for an action where you are at, get it into the hands of others, discuss it, and send it around online.

Spread this video PSA on the 100 Days of Outrage, on Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, media, friends, and any other places it needs to go. More to come!

Click here to download a pdf of the flier: Download